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Talib was my Coach over a period of several months, and it's the best coaching experience I've ever had! I am my own worst enemy and Talib was consistently able to guide me past my fears and doubts with a style that was authentic, incredibly intuitive, and wonderfully affirming yet appropriately challenging. As a direct result of our work together I am more focused, productive and sure of my professional direction. I am truly grateful for Talib! I encourage you to partner with him in conquering your particular challenge - it's a wonderful gift that you owe yourself!

~Patrice H.

I've spent the bulk of my adult life worrying and stressing over the idea of managing my finances. However, a lot was revealed about myself and my problematic way of thinking, in just one session. As a generally self aware, well versed, and insightful person, I'm not easily swayed when working with textbook coaches and counselors. However, working with Talib provided me with foundational questions and tools to help me begin the process of financial liberation, immediately. If you're looking for a coach that challenges and supports you in your pursuits to move on to your next level in life, no matter what and where you going, then Fwd Movement is for you.


~Trey G.

Talib worked with me for several months and helped me change my life and my approach to achieving my goals. Talib is truly remarkable in his ability to listen, to be truly present and to provide priceless support on a highly professional level. I had the privilege of having Talib helping me to work through some roadblocks on my path to stay focused, to organize and to achieve my goals. Thanks to Talib's commitment and professionalism, I was able to find resources within myself and out there to help me stay focused and to create a really effective plan. I am so grateful that I met this coach. Highly recommend to anyone interested to get going in their short and long-term goals.


~Alex I

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