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"I Am" Workshop Series Terms of Conditions
FWD Movement, LLC
Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Registration

    • No request to facilitate a training workshop will be considered by FWD MOVEMENT unless a contact form has been completed.

    • All requests will be acknowledged via email.

    • Acknowledgement of receipt of the contact form does not constitute acceptance to the workshop.

    • If a workshop date isn’t available, new dates will be proposed in a timely manner.

  2. Fees and payment

    • Onsite Individual tickets are $50 per person. Group tickets receive a 10% discount for every 10 participants.

    • Offsite Individual tickets are $50 per person plus a $275 accommodation fee. Group tickets receive a 10% discount for every 10 participants.

    • All fees are payable at least 7 days before the workshop commence.

  3. Cancellations and substitutions

    • The client may cancel their registration in writing a minimum of 10 business days before the commencement of the Workshop.  If written notice of the cancellation was not received within 10 business days, the client will be liable for the full cost of the registered participants.

    • The client may, with written agreement by FWD MOVEMENT, substitute an alternative attendee.  

  4. Training workshop cancellations or rescheduling

    • FWD MOVEMENT reserves the right to cancel a training workshop or reschedule the dates or locations.  FWD MOVEMENT will endeavor at all times to give the client advance notice of any possible changes.

    • In the event of a cancellation by FWD MOVEMENT, they will provide a refund to the client.

    • Refunds will only be made to the individual or the institution that made the original payment.

    • Refunds will be paid 7 business days after the date of the cancelled event.

    • FWD MOVEMENT will not be liable for any costs incurred by the client in the cancellation or rescheduling of a training workshop.

  5. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

    • All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to any course material and handouts provided in connection with the workshop will remain the sole property of FWD MOVEMENT or its designated service provider.  No part of any course material may be copied or translated in any form without the prior written consent of FWD MOVEMENT or its designated service provider. 

  6. Special and particular need participants

    • FWD MOVEMENT and its designated service providers will attempt at all times to accommodate any special or particular needs of the participant that are reasonable, provided that FWD MOVEMENT was informed of these needs at least 10 business days prior to the commencement of the training workshop.

    • The workshop series and assessment (if applicable) are conducted in English. 

  7. General

    • The workshop fee includes documentation and handouts pertaining to the workshop being presented, refreshments and a light lunch, and a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator.

    • The training workshop fee does not include the cost of travel to get to the workshop venue, accommodation, breakfast and dinner for multiple day workshops, or any other expenses incurred by the participants for and during the workshop.

    • FWD MOVEMENT reserves the right to amend and update the content of any training workshop without prior notice to the client, where it is considered that these amendments are fundamental to correctly transfer the knowledge of the applicable course material.

  8. Publicity

  • In these terms “FWD Movement”, “we”, “us” or “our” refers to FWD Movement, LLC a company registered in the United States and whose registered office address is in Jersey City, NJ.  

  • If you have any queries please contact

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