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Second Quarter #Goals: Adjust & Adapt Time

It’s the second quarter of 2018. Time to switch gears to the next level. The great news is, proper Q2 execution is a setup for unlimited possibilities and success as you move closer towards your long-term master plan.

One often overlooked practice that’s useful in moving forward powerfully is quarterly goal planning. Quarterly objectives are the best measurement of success as you align with your annual goals. The ultimate goals of financial freedom, family / personal stability, successful business / career will require planning, strategy and frequent wins. This will take some mind control and will power, which aren’t always easy. But magic ensues when your thoughts, words and actions are aligned so that every decision / action is made with your end goals in mind.

Here are four tips that will help:

1. First Quarter Lessons

Revisit what you’ve accomplished from January through March. Review your wins and reevaluate the remaining goals from the last three months.

Your forward movement is dependent upon you understanding what did and didn’t work over the last quarter. What goals did you meet? What ways of being served you in handling your business and accomplishing your goals? How far did you get with any outstanding goals? Should they carry over into the next quarter or get re-prioritized for something more profitable, efficient, or fulfilling? How will your strategy have to be adjusted?

Celebrate all of your successes, big and small. Everything that brought you joy and a sense of satisfaction is relevant. Equally important is a hard look at what didn’t work for you over the last three months. Although you may be tempted to avoid revisiting your low points, recognize the importance of reevaluating your goal and your energy when thinking about or working toward it.

Personally, I have found some of my greatest breakthrough successes in the midst of a breakdown circumstance or condition. Don’t be afraid of the perceived failures, be open to the lesson and move forward more knowledgeable. Remember that this is the second quarter, an opportunity to adjust and adapt. Life has proven that resilience is where your greatest possibility lies.

2. Second Quarter Priorities

You made some good progress in the first quarter of the year. The second quarter is all about adapting and adjusting for today based on yesterday’s information. Using the last quarter as a guide, prioritize your second quarter goals, plan your level of effort, work schedule, and milestones. This can be done personally and professionally – by yourself or as a team.

Start by making a “judgment-free” list of every goal you will work to achieve this quarter and organize your goals by priority. Then create an S.M.A.R.T. assessment for your top three objectives. Lastly, create a Q&A journal that can assist you in moving forward in those moments you feel stuck.

For example, “What do I need to have to achieve this goal? Where can I receive support? What ways of being do I need to access to stay on track to a strong finish?” A question and answer process for the lifecycle of your goal holds the key to breaking any barriers that have slowed or stopped your progress in the past. Every question creates a possibility and every answer generates a solution.

3. Accountability

Accountability is one of the most challenging aspects of any journey towards achievement, especially when the only one watching is you. To hold yourself accountable, create a weekly breakdown of how your goal will be achieved. For example, if you have prioritized closing 10 new deals during the second quarter, your weekly breakdown might look something like this:

  • Week One: Clarify the mutual benefit of your offerings

  • Week Two: Identify 100 new prospects

  • Week Three: Create opportunities to meet with or make a connection

  • Week Nine: Close the deal

Make sure each goal has been assessed using the S.M.A.R.T. criteria for efficiency and track your progress over the course of the quarter. A life coach, business partner, or reliable friend / family member can ensure that your accountability and subsequent progress stays on point.

4. Progress, Expand & Elevate

The second quarter is prime time for leveling up.

It’s time to expand your network and opportunities by riding the wave of your first quarter accomplishments into the next three months. Be deliberate in achieving your goals by remembering why they are your priority in the first place.

Hire a life coach to help disrupt the patterns that keep you in your own way. Lean on people who have the ability to support your dreams and guide you to your best possible outcomes. Clear requests will get you clear results and one thing successful people know better than anyone else is that clarity and support will elevate your game.

By partnering with a life coach you will create an opportunity to keep your second quarter goals on track from start to finish. Your coach will be able to help you resolve emotional and mental blocks and provide tools and resources that will progress, expand, and elevate your personal / professional life. Investing in yourself by partnering with a life coach in the short-term puts you in control of your own destiny for long-term success.

It’s the beginning of the Second Quarter. Make it count!

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