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Say Less: Call it Justice invites you to explore the depths of your consciousness and wrestle with ideas of personal freedom. Brought to life through masterful wordplay and lyrical visual design, Talib Jasir takes readers on an introspective journey that bridges critical thought and emotional intelligence.

Say Less is an opportunity to reexamine your inner thoughts within over 90 pages of haiku-adjacent poetry, crafted to spark curiosity and awaken the rebel mind. This book is an aesthetically fresh approach to reflect on society’s constructs, challenge your own beliefs, and unlock your creative mind on the journey towards self-discovery.


Say Less is a three-part experience:


  • Digital Version (7:54): Consisting of static and dynamic content (Instant Access)
  • Mix (55:33): Musical interpretation by Lovers of Now (Instant Access)
  • Physical Version (ships in 5-7 business days of purchase)

Say Less: Call it Justice

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