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Get Your "I Am" Affirmation Cards

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Affirmations For Transformation

An empowering tool for Creators, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Activists, etc.

Essential for every person you know and love, especially yourself

FWD Movement is proud to present our "I Am" Affirmation Deck. This 48-card series is for the affirmation newbie and expert. 

“I Am” Affirmations are empowering, concise statements that help you to conquer negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. They are a constant reminder of the thoughts you can choose to have in any given situation, condition or circumstance by helping you to visualize, and believe in what you affirm.

Daily or Weekly: Select three random cards and affirm out loud to begin your day. Through the Power of "I Am":

  • Acknowledge, choose or create your "I Am" statements as ways of BEing

  • Align your thoughts, words and actions to be in 100% creation

A positive mindset is imperative to navigating the world and society in which we live, be inspired as you inspire others and take action towards your own forward movement.

*Wholesalers and Bulk orders enjoy a special discount.

Grab your coupon code before checking out.

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